12 Gadgets That Can Improve Your Business Bottom Line

Although some gadgets are nothing more than toys for grownups, many actually help your business improve its bottom line:

Air cards provide Internet connections for laptops just about anywhere.
Portable scanners save time for traveling salespeople by scanning receipts and business cards.
Wireless sound systems allow you to listen to music throughout your office without the expense of running speaker wire.
Smart phones help you save money by tracking expenses, booking travel, and scanning credit cards.
Tablet PCs can be used for teleconferencing, photography, and high definition video recording.
Roll-up keyboards allow you to use full-size keys with your smartphone or tablet PC.
Pocket projectors are becoming more powerful and fit in the palm of your hand.
Solar rechargers help you go green and save money by charging your devices with solar energy.
No-contract hot spot devices help manage costs.
GPS devices continue to become more affordable, accurate, and user friendly.
Electronic vehicle monitors are easily installed and track the number of miles driven, any sudden braking, maximum speeds, and time between deliveries.
Speaking translators fit in your pocket and provide accurate spoken translations in dozens of languages.The information party rocks on: Tablets Are Popular, But Not Productive

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